Almost every public hospital in south-east Queensland is at capacity, and nurses are calling out for change.

Doctors are pushing for the creation of Australia's first domestic violence trauma recovery centre.

Medical experts want the age of criminal responsibility to be raised to 14.

European ancestry is vastly overrepresented in genomics research, and it could have serious consequences for science and medicine.

Popular health apps could have some major security flaws.

A national survey has found health insurance costs are at the top of the list of household worries.

The Prime Minister is in Melbourne spruiking health funding this week.

WA's surrogacy laws have been found to be outdated, discriminatory and need overhauling.

A new report calls for a Medicare-style scheme for dental care.

A major a trial of enhanced hospital cleaning practices at 11 Australian hospitals has resulted in fewer infections and costs.

Researchers are working on an artificial womb that could one day save the lives of extremely premature babies.

Dementia rates are declining among older Australians in home and long-term care.

One expert is questioning the barriers to tech innovation in healthcare.

Australian researchers have made it possible to do genomic analysis on a phone.

The Morrison Government has pledged to reduce costs for x-rays and ultrasounds.

Research suggests dietary changes may have allowed human speech to advance.

Scientists and ethicists from seven countries have called for a global moratorium on human genome editing.

A new technique gives unprecedented insight into the dramatic changes occurring in a baby’s first week of life.

New estimates say air pollution is responsible for up to 8.8 million extra deaths around the world each year.

Treating children with antibiotics through an intravenous drip at home appears to be ...

Sydney is now home to Australia’s most advanced 3D printing facility.

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