Authorities recommend everyone apply sunscreen daily as part of a regular morning routine.

New research suggests endometrial scratching in IVF is painful and pointless.

Experts have offered some high-tech suggestions for the My Health Record system.

A new study has found a decline in Golden Staph infections in hospitals, but a rise in infections acquired outside hospitals.

A new plan seeks to stop disabled people being segregated from mainstream life by physical barriers.

Experts say the military can wage war on global health issues.

The aged care royal commission has begun, and families of victims are being urged to bravely speak up.

The Chinese scientist who claimed to have edited the genes of twin babies could face the death penalty.

Australian researchers have found a way to control the virus which causes infection after transplants.

Experts say smartphones come with some major risks, ergonomically speaking.

A new study has found the strongest opponents to GM food think they know the most, but tend to know the least.

A new partnership aims to supercharge the development of new vaccines.

Researchers are working on a new technique that could turn breast cancer cells into harmless fat cells.

A new trial will see palliative care patients treated with psilocybin to reduce anxiety about their deaths.

New research has investigated how our brains turn experiences into memory.

Research shows more baby boomers are hitting the booze at risky levels.

Bupa has seen its ninth aged care home sanctioned in 12 months over ‘severe risk’ to residents.

Experts say all infants should have egg and peanuts introduced to their diet in their first year of life.

A new study found six out of ten ‘nicotine-free’ e-cigarette liquids in fact contained nicotine.

The Tasmanian Health Service (THS) has been criticised for sending staff oversees to recruit new workers.

Researchers have taught artificial intelligence to identify rare genetic syndromes from photos of the face.

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