New developments could see the end of giant coal, gas or nuclear turbines, and the rise of electricity gathered by simple movement and friction.

Technology has been revealed as the enabler of a mass-cheating scandal at Adelaide University.

A more subtle approach could be the key to reducing damage from heart attacks, or even stopping them in their tracks.

A new trial means paramedics in New South Wales can take less serious callers to their local GP, rather than a hospital.

A major study has shown people with type 2 diabetes have epigenetic changes on their DNA that healthy individuals do not have.

A group of scientists from the UK have uncovered the bacterial system that allows antibiotic resistance to grow.

After more than month of constant haze, fumes, smoke and flames; the long-burning fire at the Hazelwood open cut mine is now under control, leaving authorities to try to tackle the health risks it has created.

A breakthrough from protests by Queensland doctors has seen a vote of no confidence in the state’s Health Minister.

The LNP is continuing to extol the virtues of Assistant Health Minister Fiona Nash, despite her being censured by the Senate over conflict of interest allegations.

An incredible new device fits over the heart like a bionic skin, could keep it beating forever, correct arrhythmia and prevent heart attack.

A massive metabolic study has shown counting calories is not the secret to a longer life, but balancing protein and carbohydrates just might be.

One company has been named as the source of a salmonella outbreak affecting hundreds of people in Victoria.

A vital medical aid service has been kicked out of Myanmar on accusations of lying.

New methods for measuring antibody levels in the blood will help bring about more tailored and specialised treatments, researchers say.

A big blue bus is touring the nation to address the broad gaps in recognition, acceptance and treatment of mental health issues, but some advocates say it may not be enough.

Medical researchers have discovered specifically how the immune system makes a powerful antibody that blocks HIV infection of cells, in a breakthrough that brings the possibility of an HIV vaccine one step closer.

Residents of a small Victorian town continue to be blanketed by smoke and fumes from an underground coal fire, which authorities say will be investigated.

A pair of tweezers has been created which are so small they can grab, hold and move a single molecule in any direction.

A meeting today could decide whether Australian consumers get to use a new website and star rating system for healthy food, or whether it has all been a wasted effort.

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