Authorities have scrambled to respond after Victorian hospital computer networks were hacked in a ransomware attack.

A patient in the US has become the first to receive a high-tech new heart valve developed in Australia.

Experts say salt shakers should carry tobacco-style health warnings.

The TGA is enhancing its regulations on all breast implants and tissue expanders sold in Australia over cancer fears.

Archaeologists have discovered Bronze and Iron Age infants were probably fed animal milk in specialised vessels.

The ACT has legalised the possession, use and cultivation of small amounts of cannabis.

A new study has found blind people use the visual part of their brain for hearing instead.

Experts say the revolving door between politics and big lobbies can be bad for our health.

Artificial intelligence is helping to detect sepsis in Sydney emergency departments.

Antimicrobial resistance among farmyard chickens and pigs is on the rise globally, with China and India particular hotspots for growing resistance.

A new study has found no increase in the rate of brain cancer in Australians aged over 60 that can be linked to mobile phone use.

Researchers have found significant flaws in about half of trials that supported new cancer drug approvals between 2014 and 2016.

Researchers have developed an electronic nose that detects chemicals in the breath of lung cancer patients, and can assess their response to potential treatments.

A new report says the NDIS is not doing enough to support mentally ill Australians.

Two recent reports have painted a grim picture of homelessness among Australian veterans.

An international research team is asking a deep question: when does childhood end?

Researchers at Royal Perth Hospital have dubbed a new Leukemia drug, “the magic bullet”.

Millions of Australians’ sensitive medical images and data have been left open.

Experts say there is not enough nutrition in medical education.

Serious questions have been asked about Australia’s biggest aged care provider.

Authorities have released Australia’s first online frailty map to highlight gaps in service.

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