An AFL player has received a $1.4 million insurance payout for concussion damage.

A new study has revealed the covert marketing tactics used by the tobacco industry.

Experts say food-focused phone apps can help families make healthier choices.

Australian researchers have created a first-in-class antibody designed to prevent clotting.

Victoria’s health minister has resigned as the state’s leadership struggles to place blame for its hotel quarantine issues.

E-cigarettes may soon be available on prescription.

Obesity has been linked to reduced brain ‘plasticity’ – the ability to form new mental pathways.

An audit has found that a Queensland Health IT bungle cost taxpayers $33 million to fix.

SA Parliament's Lower House has passed a bill to create ‘safe access zones’ around abortion clinics.

The most recent bushfire season in Australia racked up smoke-related health costs of around $1.95 billion ...

Experts say the future of aged care must be built on better housing design.

New data suggests persistent fatigue occurs in more than half of patients recovered from COVID-19.

New research suggests we are what we eat, not what we weigh.

Australian researchers have won the prestigious Ig Nobel in Physics for a bizarre experiment involving a drunk worm and a subwoofer.

Australian engineers have invented a glove that simulates the sense of touch.

Reports this week suggest ongoing concerns about PPE stocks for healthcare workers in Victoria.

DNA analysis shows the movements of Vikings outside Scandinavia, as they pillaged Britain and Europe.

The NSW Government says it wants to promote mentally healthy workplaces.

Experts say asthmatics face toxic risks from steroid tablets.

Queensland's Chief Health Officer (CHO) is under police protection after receiving death threats over her stance on borders.

An expert leading a government review has criticised rapid COVID-19 testing devices rushed onto the Australian market.

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