Researchers have discovered a surprising function of telomeres.

Lawyers are planning to launch an AFL concussion class action.

One of Australia’s biggest disability service providers has been urged to compensate a woman for sexual assault inside a group home.

Engineers have developed a miniature robotic arm that could 3D print bio-material inside a person’s body.

Experts estimate that vehicle emissions could cause over 11,000 deaths a year.

A new study shows how well a prior COVID-19 infection protects the next time around.

Our feature article series returns this week with a dive into the ‘One Health’ philosophy.

A new study shows the maximum safe dose of ivermectin still does not help treat COVID-19.

The Federal Government has announced plans to open five urgent healthcare centres in South Australia, with four to be located in metropolitan areas and one in Mount Gambier.

Experts say one in five kids and teens struggle with disordered eating.

More connectivity suggests girls' brains really do mature faster than boys' brains.

Concerns have been raised about a new plan to share information between hospitals in Victoria.

According to recent reports, Medibank is expected to suffer losses of around $26 million for the first half of the year ...

A man who received a stem cell transplant to treat leukaemia and has since shown persistent suppression of HIV-1.

More calls have been made to stop the use of engineered stone in Australia amid a silicosis “epidemic”.

The Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) has opened up millions of dollars in grant opportunities.

Experts say the high prices of pharmaceutical drugs are often not justified.

Leading experts are contributing to the government’s Long COVID & Repeat Infections Inquiry.

A new male contraceptive is showing promise in mice.

New research suggests young kids are kind and compassionate until it comes at a personal cost.

Experts say that in order to reduce the threat of superbugs, the world must cut down on pollution.

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