Research suggests preschoolers with pets have fewer food allergies.

ADHD will be the focus of a new parliamentary inquiry.

Medibank is facing more legal action over its large data breach.

A new study suggests the risk of a heart attack could be six times higher when people have the flu.

A health workers’ union has been revealed as the recipient of data from a serious breach at Canberra Health Services (CHS).

A new report lays out significant issues in the ACT health system.

A major health body says longer scripts would help reduce costs for consumers.

Having a mental health disorder has been linked to early ageing.

A review has found government contracts failed to meet standards.

A new study suggests shame, guilt or incentives are not enough to sustain humanitarian action.

The world’s strongest MRI has been used to investigate COVID impacts on the brain.

Climate change impacts are larger, more rapid and worse than previous estimates, but humanity can tackle them.

New stats show men bear the brunt of alcohol-related injury and death in Australia.

Exposing cancers to bacteria can remind ‘first responder’ immune cells which side they are on.

Harvard experts are designing more useful bacteria to create medicines and biofuels.

Junior doctors around the country are taking legal action over alleged underpayments.

Poor sleep in middle age can have a negative impact on brain health, according to a new study.

Researchers have turned male skin cells into female egg cells that produced live offspring.

The Federal Government has put up nearly $400 million for medical research projects, including projects to improve First Nations health.

Hundreds of older Australians have joined a class action over their exclusion from the NDIS.

The NSW nurses' union is suing the state government over allegations of understaffing and patient mistreatment.

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