The Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia (ADCA) has placed itself in voluntary administration, after its funding was removed in a Federal Government attempt to save $1.5 million.

The National Mental Health Commission says inadequate support is condemning mentally ill Australians to prison, because they cannot be cared for in the community.

A 16-turbine wind farm will be built against the wishes of some residents, with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) ruling that wind farms do not cause health problems.

A new study has found children are often put back onto a sporting field after they suffer a concussion, and the trend could lead to serious long-term negative effects.

Australian researchers have looked to the great repository of innovation for their latest creation – pinching designs from nature to create exciting new materials.

The developed world most certainly has a weight problem, and Australia is no exception, but a new device could use our own internal mechanisms to turn the tide against fatty habits. 

A group which has used a deceitful name to push an anti-scientific public health agenda will change its title.

A new device will take online food fetishism to new heights, enabling users to taste the internet.

The Education Minister has announced a boost aimed to increase the number of postgraduate nurses, part of a $62 million investment pushing more people into degrees.

Artificial skin has been grown from stem cells in a world-first medical breakthrough.

Laws in Tasmania to protect women’s privacy have upset the Australian Christian Lobby.

Researchers have come up with an astounding new technique; using X-ray lasers to determine the molecular structure of proteins – without any prior knowledge of what they look like.

A new study has laid eyes on a particular influenza virus, looking for new ways to head off mutations at the pass. 

Australian waistlines are on the increase, and we’re fattening-up faster than nearly everyone else.

The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service says it will be difficult to “stop the boats” when it has to cut 600 staff members in coming years.

Blood tests may soon be used to accurately diagnose concussion and predict long term cognitive disability, heralding a quick and easy way to check for life-threatening damage.

Research is pretty fast - but bacterial evolution is faster, a University of Adelaide drug expert says.

New research says non-specialist health workers play a big role in improving many areas of health for developing nations.

Engineers in the US have developed a healthy method to make nanoscale gold rods in large quantities, with complete control over the rods' dimensions and optical properties.

In the wake of the Typhoon Haiyan crisis in the Philippines, the efforts of transport, logistics and emergency management crews are keeping people alive.

Two groups often seen as arch-nemeses of road-sharing situations have linked together in the name of safety.

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