One of the final acts of the Gillard Government has come into effect today with the official beginning of the national disability insurance scheme, now called DisabilityCare.

New guidelines from the World Health Organisation could save millions of lives with a simple change in treatment.

Three cancer drugs have been made dramatically cheaper after their inclusion in the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

Organ donors will now be able to access paid leave from work, with a two year Federal Government funded pilot program beginning today.

The Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital has cited improved efficiency as its reasoning behind a round of job cuts.

A rural Queensland Mayor has announced residents will vote on whether their water should be fluoridated.

The Coalition’s proposed policies on science, health and medical funding have been welcomed by research authorities.

Despite global protests with millions turning out, Western Australian farmers have bought record amounts of genetically-modified canola from breeder-under-fire Monsanto.

Following recent reports of ever-increasing rates of dementia in Australia, a joint study between US, Australian, British and German scientists may provide some help to sufferers now and in the future.

The next big development in cancer treatments could be just drifting around in the ocean right now. Researchers have identified two new anticancer compounds inside the innocuous sea sponge, which has strong natural chemical defence capabilities.

A new agreement will see continued scientific collaboration in Australia and internationally. Proponents of the Human Frontier Science Program are celebrating an agreement on a three year budgetary framework to extend the avenues for global scientific interaction.

Researchers in Queensland believe they’ve found a new technique for drug testing in sport, which could lead to advanced anti-doping tests.

Dementia may be the country’s next big health crisis with no cause, cure or treatment, and diagnosis rates climbing.

Methodone use is on the rise, with new stats showing an increase in the most common treatment for heroin addiction.

The Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles has launched an attack on the critics of his Government's plan to force alcoholics into rehabilitation,  accusing his critics of feeding off Aboriginal disadvantage.

A western Victorian council is pushing ahead on an ambitious plan to build a prison specifically for elderly inmates.

Before he unveiled the NSW budget, Treasurer Mike Baird and Health Minister Jillian Skinner inspected early works on the state’s largest hospital building project, part of the budget’s $1.2 billion slated for health capital works.

Scientists made a discovery that could lead them to a way to stop cancer cells before they metastasise and move through the body.  It’s a cell movement process they’re calling “chase and run”.

Road projects, Health, and Education are big winners in New South Wales’ 2013-14 budget announced this week, with nearly $800 Million going to upgrade the Pacific Highway.

The government launched a new website to make it easier for people to utilize important health services being provided by Medicare Locals in their local communities.

Australian researchers played a big part in a discovery that could lead to more effective treatment against “triple negative breast cancer”, a disease that usually requires much more aggressive treatment than other forms of breast cancer.

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