A company which operates in the futuristic world of bio-technology and stem cell research has announced the appointment of its new EC, MD and CEO.

The Federal Government is hoping to raise over $5 billion in the next four years from an increase in the tax on tobacco.

One regional council in Victoria has approved the construction of a KFC outlet, while another deals with angry protestors on the planned site of a McDonald’s.

New research at the University of Adelaide could provide insight into how to repair the brain after damage from stroke or traumatic injury.

The Community and Public Sector Union is claiming budget cuts and uncertainty following sackings have lead to widespread bullying in the sector.

A new tool will track and manage the millions of disease-carrying bugs which use cyclones and strong winds as a cover to invade our borders every year.

The Australian Human Rights Commission is calling on the Federal Government to introduce independent monitoring of involuntary patients on psychiatric wards, to ensure the best practice is undertaken for all involved.

Two to four cups of coffee a day reduces the risk of suicide in men and women by about 50 per cent, according to the findings of a new report from the US.

In a mind-boggling technical achievement scientists at a joint US-Japanese laboratory have implanted false memories in a mouse, leading it to recall an event which never occurred.

Hospitals and their staff could be hit hard by planned changes to the fringe benefits tax, with reports the health sector could lose up to $200 million in the fallout.

A new study has linked plain packaging on cigarettes to lower smoking appeal, greater support for the policy and a higher urgency to quit among adult smokers.

The Australian National University has announced a new effort to make the incredible data-processing abilities of a supercomputer available to laboratories and researchers on every scale.

New studies are suggesting nature may have already provided the perfect workout-recovery drink – delicious watermelon.

Reports are suggesting the Federal Government should have thought slightly longer about its newly-unveiled disability insurance scheme, confidential documents have allegedly revealed the agency rolling out the reforms were not at all happy with the name ‘DisabilityCare’.

In a bold offer to the private sector the Queensland Government says it will entirely outsource the daily operation of a Sunshine Coast hospital.

Researchers may have developed a technique to stop malaria parasites from using vitamin B1 as a pathway to proliferation.

A recent investigation has uncovered high dioxin levels in household and agricultural pesticides.

A Chinese study has come to a surprising conclusion, finding fasting and calorie-restricted diets may actually increase lifespan

Half a million people have signed on to the personally-controlled electronic health record (PCEHR) system eHealth, according to the Federal Health Department.

British medical researchers have developed a surgical knife which senses what it is cutting through, and can tell whether tissue is cancerous.

A new technology has leapt straight from science fiction to reality, allowing human sweat to be turned into clean drinking water.

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