A new study says a little bit of Zen could unlock doors in the classroom.

Australian authorities say a new report shows a large proportion of negative health conditions are caused by substance abuse and poor mental states.

A battle of jurisdictions is unfolding in South Australia, with the state’s Planning Minister looking to prevent local councillors from taking part in planning assessment bodies.

A new national centre is being established to allow a deeper level of research into the disparity in health and healthcare for Indigenous Australians.

A new study has found that in some circumstances a flu vaccine can lower the risk of heart attack by 45 per cent.

The Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance has launched a short online survey to assess the general level of mental health awareness in Australian business policies, initiative and strategies.

Queensland Health is implicating the animal nursery at the Brisbane Ekka as the possible source of several e-coli infections.

It seems Neolithic man may be less primitive than we imagine, with new research showing the culinary habits of ancient cooks bordered on gourmet.

Researchers are plotting the evolution of a strain of avian flu currently spreading in China, finding that it emerged in tandem with a similar flu that can infect mammals.

A new program being piloted in Adelaide shows just how far cancer treatment has come, with more attention being given to helping survivors get back to their old lives.

A handful of top-tier public servants have been sacked in what is likely only the first round of heads to roll over the Queensland Health payroll fiasco.

Data shows that around a quarter of infants admitted to hospital with flu symptoms during swine flu outbreaks of 2009 developed other serious complications, another important reason for parents to vaccinate their kids, paediatricians say.

Genetic coding through genome editing has reached a new level of precision; enhancing the ability to edit and alter an organism's DNA.

Research grants have been awarded to Monash University in the effort to improve the state’s mental health sector on a systemic level.

The South Australia nurses’ union will meet with officials from the state’s health board to talk about ongoing emergency ward over-crowding and the potential risks it poses to patients and staff.

Two new studies have suggested celery, artichokes and certain herbs may be able to kill human pancreatic cancer cells.

The Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA) has extended the successful Nursing and Allied Health Rural Locum Scheme (NAHRLS), allowing rurally-placed nurses two weeks annual leave without diminishing local services. 

Mobile phones, computers, video game consoles and other such devices are crammed with an unbelievable amount of microscopic transistors to allow them to process information, but still none have come close to the complexity or computing scale of the human brain.

Victorian paramedics are aiming for voluntary conciliation talks with the Fair Work Commission in the effort to end a long-running stoush over work conditions.

A morning cup of tea or coffee is considered vital by many, but now researchers say it may provide more benefits than just being able to face the day.

A partnership has been formed to improve the standard of aged-care in Australia.

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