New research suggests an old product could give the human brain some new functions.

West Australian mental health authorities say politicians should not decide the freedom of mentally impaired people.

A new review panel will look at the ways that the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) regulates medicines and medical devices.

New Zealand scientists have developed a portable, rapid, DNA testing device for Ebola.

One of our ancient ancestors has turned ten years old, but a modern expert says we are just starting to find out who it was.

The Federal Government has put up $1 billion to help asbestos-affected families in the ACT.

An Australian hospital and university are joining forces to see if they can teach an old drug new tricks.

Australian biotech firm CSL is positioning itself as one of the world's biggest flu vaccine businesses, with a partial buy-out of Novartis.

New Queensland Health software could kill within a month, a report says.

Social media has emerged as the hip new place for junk food marketing, with a study showing that adolescents are being made to spread the message about unhealthy food.

A stand-off over wages continues in the Tasmanian public sector, and the Government is also being accused of trying to water-down an important anti-corruption office.

Evidence of sexual intercourse has been found deep in our ecological history, uncovered by a local palaeontological private eye.

In a world first, a man with a severed spinal cord has been able to walk again.

One of the world’s leading mining equipment companies is painting its drill bits pink to aid breast cancer research.

Governments representing about 40 per cent of the global economy are negotiating against the interests of freedom, universal health and human rights – and the private talks on peoples’ future will soon continue in Australia.

A new study has shown more aspects to the role played by megakaryocytes - giant cells that leap into action when the body is wounded.

Calls are coming from home and abroad while the Australian Government continues to hold back from full commitment to fighting the Ebola outbreak.

A new study shows that the colour red evokes similar ideas in humans and monkeys, suggesting that biology, rather than our culture, plays the fundamental role in “seeing red”.

Researchers have shined a light on one of the mechanisms that links depression and aging to an increased risk of disease.

A study covering over 3000 people has shown how effective whole DNA testing can be for finding diseases.

A survey has found truly disturbing rates of violent attitudes towards women among everyday Australians.

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