A pilot program is using technology to bridge education barriers worldwide, by conducting courses through avatars in an entirely virtual world.

Labor senators have opened fire on Federal Assistant Health Minister Fiona Nash over her involvement in controversies surrounding a food health star-rating website.

The National Health and Medical Research Council says there is no evidence that wind farms cause adverse health effects in humans, re-iterating the findings of virtually all credible studies on the matter.

A researcher from the University of South Australia says there are a few changes which would greatly improve mental health services in Australia, particularly to rural areas.

A new round of Trans-Pacific Partnership talks have begun in Singapore, where trade ministers from twelve nations carve out the final parts of the far-reaching deal.

Fires in Victorian open-cut coal mines have created a major health risk, with hazardous smoke destroying air quality.

The Western Australian government has announced hundreds of jobs will be cut from two Perth hospitals in order to re-direct funds to other avenues.

Researchers have developed a method to turn skin cells into mature, fully functioning liver cells, that flourish after being transplanted into laboratory animals with liver failure.

A successful test has shown the future for prosthetics, with a fully-customised exoskeleton allowing a paralysed skier to walk for the first time in over twenty years.

A health policy expert says Medicare improvements can be made by modifying peoples’ thinking, not how much they pay.

On night shifts last week, three out of four Darwin ambulance crews did not include a qualified paramedic, but St John Ambulance has defended sending trainees onto the streets.

A new research centre will use high-tech tools to investigate the history of the country’s first residents.

The Health Minister may soon end months of speculation over the future of Medicare, but it looks like the changes will not be to everyone’s liking.

As Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD) continues to ravage the world’s largest carnivorous marsupial, researchers say the treatment program is providing insights on influences for cancer evolution.

The funds are flowing to help Australian researchers usher a new age of medical treatments, with the announcement of $134 million worth of health research grants.

Researchers have made progress on a major hurdle for next-level genetic treatments.

A partly union-owned health provider has been accused of forcing other medical services out of town, but says the claims are over-blown.

What seemed like an innocuous error has become a scandal in the healthcare bureaucracy after a potential conflict of interest in the Health Department.

The latest edition of the journal Current Psychiatry has detailed a range of new emerging treatments for depression, moving care beyond common antidepressants such as Prozac and Zoloft.

Research has shown how our brain combines internal and external information to create a complete view of the world.

A smartphone app is helping the blind stay mobile with public transport, giving up-to-the-minute location and stop information that is often lacking.

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