While almost no-one is comfortable with the surprise presence of spiders or other creepy-crawlies, for some people a deep-held phobia can seriously affect lives.

New research adds to the weight of known risks from BPA, the controversial compound used in many plastic food and drink containers.

A new centre for unlocking the potential of personalised medicine has been launched in Canberra.

A recent survey has shown that a third of people struggle to cope at work because of depression or stress.

WorkSafe ACT says it has found a complaint about bullying made by an ACT Ambulance Service paramedic was ignored, despite its seriousness.

A new approach to killing cancer does not attack tumours directly, but stifles them by cutting their blood supply.

A new report says the Federal Government is wasting millions on combination medications.

As we move through our daily lives we may think we are fully aware of our surrounds, but there is plenty of information that the brain takes in but never brings to our full attention.

Researchers have used electrical pulses delivered from a cochlear implant to provide gene therapy, successfully regrowing auditory nerves for the first time.

A new genome editing platform has boosted the accuracy of a commonly-used sequencing method.

Australian engineers have come up with a new way of making lenses, which could turn any smart phone into a microscope.

New findings will help in the individual diagnosis and treatment of autism, a condition which is known for its broad variations and difficulty to assess.

The Federal Treasurer says further increases to the pension age are inevitable, and that people should “work as long as they can”.

As the government’s ‘razor gang’ sought out more budget cuts over the weekend, Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews said tightening up checks on claims for the Disability Support Pension (DSP) would be a good start.

Researchers have plotted the entire family tree of the Black Death bacterium, to understand how some family members evolved to become so harmful.

Ginseng can help treat and prevent influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), according to new research.

It is all but inevitable that humans will create an Artificial Intelligence capable of outdoing to the human brain, and Stephen Hawking says we should be better prepared.

The Victorian Health Department has put out its list of concerns about the multi-billion-dollar East West link in Melbourne.

Reports today say some Medicare Local executives have been warned that the Federal Government plans to shut down the current system.

Despite its widespread use, the actual mechanism by which general anaesthetic works has remained mysterious, but new research has shed a small amount of light on the common practice.

One of Australia’s lead charities in the fight against depression has a new CEO.

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