A printer that prints organs made of human tissue has been enhanced by an international research effort.

Optogenetics - using light to turn neurons on and off - is one of the most intriguing and rapidly-expanding fields of medicine, and recent efforts may have brought the treatment to a new level.

Pressure to conform to particular body types is well-known among  girls, but a new study shows boys are subject to some of the same ideals and influences when it comes to becoming a man.

There has been some concern over the speed with which the Federal Government is changing disability support, with some advocates saying it is storming ahead with almost no consultation.

Facebook is being criticised for a mass emotional manipulation experiment conducted on unwitting users.

More than a third of all workers at Australian construction sites believe their workplace is not mentally safe.

A new project could make ‘selfies’ the diagnostic tool of the future.

A paralysed man has been able to move his hand for the first time in years, using the power of his mind and some cutting-edge technology.

An international research project has shown how important basic nutrition is, with authorities adding new links between poor diets and a list of chronic diseases.

A bit of high-end musical chairs for federal public servants, with moves at the top of the Finance, Treasury and Health departments.

Hundreds of construction workers have returned to the site of the new hospital building in Adelaide this week, despite safety concerns prompting mass walk-offs last week.

Three-hundred-and-thirty-seven people have died as the ebola outbreak in West Africa continues to worsen.

A new set of guidelines is aimed at preparing healthcare workers for the next generation of diagnostic treatments.

The Indian Health Ministry will provide 50 essential generic medicines, free of cost, from “birth to death” to all Indians, following an incredible social healthcare announcement.

Documents to clear conflict of interest claims against a junk food lobbyist in the Health Department “do not exist”.

A concerning study by the University of Sydney says there has been a steep rise in prescriptions of medications to treat attention deficit disorder, severe depression and psychosis.

New research suggests the sun may be physically addictive.

The Australian Drug Foundation says one in five workers admit attending their job while under the influence of alcohol.

Whooping cough has been declared an epidemic in the heartland of the American anti-vaccine movement.

Researchers are narrowing down the list of candidates for a banana to save lives.

Three new centres will help bring exciting Australian medical research into the real world, with over $19 million for a healthy future in New South Wales.

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