Research shows there are physical differences in the brain between people with reading and writing disabilities.

Australian researchers have unveiled a device that can measure both the mass and the shape of a single molecule - a feat that was impossible until now.

A recent survey has looked at the widespread work-related injuries and illnesses in the health industry.

Chinese scientists have modified the genes of a human embryo, but say the technology is not ready yet.

The Hazelwood mine fire inquiry will be re-opened to investigate the chance that smoke from the blaze caused premature deaths.

An Australian expert says the current whooping cough vaccine is less effective than the drug it replaced, and may contribute to rising rates of the illness.

University students have voted to increase their own fees in order to boost mental health and wellness services.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton appears in a new video spruiking the Cambodian solution to asylum seekers, while one of his most vocal opponents accuses him of torture.

Humans could not live without a body full of useful bacteria, but it appears that modern life may be killing off our microbial mates.

A new study has investigated how the human auditory system represents time within a sound.

While some support expanding the GST to cover fresh food, research shows lower prices may be more necessary.

Experts say tough new Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) guidelines for prescribing testosterone show the critical need for research into the long-term effects of hormone supplements.

Bio-engineers have grown cardiac tissue on a bed of genetically-engineered spiderweb.

The state governments of Queensland, NSW and Victoria have joined forces for medicinal cannabis clinical trials.

Australian businesses leaders have warned that ice addiction is growing among young professionals.

New research suggests that depression and back pain could be caused by similar genetic factors.

A video game study could show how the human brain justifies murder.

Trendy Californians are happy to guzzle treated water, but local experts say it will need a re-branding before Australians are excited about recycled supplies.

The Federal Government will offer free breast cancer screening to all Australian women aged 50 to 74.

Experts have been spruiking the growing success of using liposuction on lymphoedema.

Scientists say some parts of the world are covered in earthquake detection devices, but they are not being used.

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