The maker of Nurofen, Reckitt Benckiser, has been fined $1.7 million for its ‘targeted’ pain-relief products.

Spanish scientists have created human sperm from skin cells.

Youth homelessness costs national health and justice systems more than $600 million a year.

Asylum seekers may be able to claim damages from the Australian government following a ruling by the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Supreme Court.

International attention has been drawn to the CSG industry in Queensland on the back of a YouTube video.

Researchers need funding, but what if they take money from a major contributor to the problem they are researching?

An epigenetic study has shown HIV infection ages the body by about five years.

Victoria has put up $30 million to stop doctor and prescription “shopping”.

Specialist doctors in Tasmania will be able to prescribe medicinal cannabis for people with serious or chronic illnesses from 2017.

Scientists have used ‘mini-brains’ grown in the lab to test the effects of the Zika virus.

The Victorian Government’s 2016 budget will include $15 million for Australia's first Pride Centre.

Australia's leading scientists are concerned that the CSIRO will lose millions of dollars in international grants.

Advocates say a 20 per cent tax on sugary drinks will save 1,600 lives over 25 years, while reducing the social costs of diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

The anti-vax movement has not broken through.

The Victorian Government wants to stop schools from “turning away” students with special needs like autism and dyslexia.

The human brain was developed largely for the purpose of not being eaten, but it can now do so much more.

Innovation Minister Christopher Pyne appears to be floating plans for a tobacco tax hike.

In an exciting breakthrough for diabetics, researchers have created insulin-making pancreas cells in a dish.

The English Football Association wants an investigation into links between former players and dementia.

Health unions say staff cuts are putting medical students at risk.

Aged care provider Allity has reportedly sacked dozens of 30 enrolled nurses from its Morphettville and Walkerville sites in South Australia.

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