Big Queensland councils appear to be moving away from water fluoridation.

Research from the UK says negative side-effects from clinical trials are often lost when the study reaches peer review.

A boy with three parents marks a major achievement in genetic science.

SA Health says it has retested over 2,000 CMV tests, and found the original results were correct.

The vast majority of Australian eating habits are below par, according to the CSIRO.

New research has linked electronic cigarette use and successful attempts to quit smoking, going against the findings of several other studies.

A leading global health figure says that to fix the gaps in our medical system, we must close the larger gaps in society.

Health Minister Sussan Ley has responded to claims people will soon wait longer for their Medicare refunds.

New technology could soon see simple, portable vaccine factories for areas in need.

Australian researchers have revealed a widespread bias in industry-funded research into artificial sweeteners.

There have been some positive reports from trials of a new mobile ECG system in outback NSW.

A new study suggests FitBits may not do much to help weight loss.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton admits his department has made mistakes in its handling of contracts for offshore detention centres.

Siemens is recalling cytomegalovirus (CMV) screening kits...

The New South Wales Health Minister has responded to a snapshot of the state’s diet and exercise issues.

A new study has some tips on how health promotion groups can get more online engagement.

Sex education is often negative, heterosexist, out of touch, and taught by poorly trained, embarrassed teachers.

New brain-sensing technology could reduce the amount of monkeys needed to type the complete works of Shakespeare.

Water supplies for two towns in NSW have levels of uranium above Australian guidelines.

Australian engineers may have big new weapon in the fight against antibiotic resistance.

A symposium this week hopes to help doctors open up about their own mental illnesses.

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