Artificial intelligence has been taught to identify people with suicidal thoughts by analysing their brain scans, according to a US study.

Experts say the health impacts of climate change are already being felt.

US scientists have devised a new method of gene editing that can find and replace single letters of DNA.

A new project is combining 3D-printing, robotic surgery and advanced manufacturing ...

The Federal Government has launched a $100 million fund to fight brain cancer.

The Productivity Commission has recommended sweeping changes to the healthcare sector and the way that pharmacies are run.

Completion of the Nadia virtual assistant for the NDIS has been pushed back, with the Government revealing that work has been stopped for several months.

A spike in whooping cough has led SA Health to warn “irresponsible” parents.

The Federal Government has created the role of National Rural Health Commissioner in an effort to end the rural doctor drought.

The world’s largest ever genetic study of breast cancer has discovered 72 new genetic variants that put women at higher risk of the disease.

After years of failure, the Federal Government is working on a major overhaul of the Closing the Gap strategy.

Officials have admitted lead contamination is not the only major problem at the Perth Children’s Hospital yet to be fixed.

Basic mental health training for managers can bring significant benefits, research shows.

Doctors’ lobbies say underqualified surgeons in day clinics are increasing the number of botched medical procedures.

Australian researchers have developed a new class of enzyme-like nanovehicles that could detect cancer for less than $5.

Researchers say Australia needs better monitoring to reduce antibiotic prescribing rates.

A new report says pollution has been responsible for an estimated nine million premature deaths a year.

Victoria is on track to become the first jurisdiction in Australia to allow euthanasia.

Public hospital doctors in South Australia have walked off the job amid a dispute with the state government over pay and conditions.

A large-scale review has found the NDIS will be rolled out late, and could rely on foreign workers.

Victoria is on the verge of achieving the ‘holy grail’ of 95 per cent immunisation.

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