A British man has been implanted with a 3D-printed titanium sternum made by CSIRO.

Australian scientists have found genes linked to a degenerative, incurable eye disease.

The World Health Organisation says new antibiotics are needed to combat 12 families of dangerous bacteria.

Experts say treating the ice 'epidemic' as a criminal problem rather than a health issue has made it worse.

A new urine test for motor neurone disease could lead to improved treatments.

Major cities are not ready for the NDIS, experts warn.

The ACCC is planning legal action against more private health insurers.

While it has been 50,000 years since the last Human-Neanderthal mating, we may still be haunted by our ancient predecessors.

The federal Health Department is seeking up to 250 voluntary redundancies.

The Federal Government has issued its first licences to sell marijuana.

Upgrades have been announced at Melbourne’s high security mental health facility.

Planning is underway for a new Bundaberg hospital.

Obesity experts say that if we have controls on alcohol and tobacco, we should have them on sugary drinks too.

A new network should help improve medical outcomes in Queensland.

Trials of a new malaria vaccine have had some stunning results, granting 100 per cent protection for months.

Experts say taxing bad food could bring in billions and extend the average Australian lifespan.

Politicians say the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (nRAH) will struggle to cope with its first winter flu season.

Health experts say the lack of a strong approach to the Australian obesity epidemic is ‘unacceptable’.

Nurses are calling for the right to refuse treatment to aggressive patients.

Queensland Health’s purchasing practices have been slammed in a new review.

Victoria has become the third Australian state to offer free meningococcal W vaccines for school students.

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