Experts say the Federal Government’s ‘No Jab, No Pay’ policy could unfairly penalise families in the lowest-income areas.

Research suggests the benefits of a soft drink tax could outweigh the costs to disadvantaged groups.

Research suggests men working in fields typically considered to be female-dominated are vulnerable to negative gender stereotypes.

The Federal Aged Care Minister has responded to reports of exploitation at retirement villages ...

A South Australian senator has called for immediate action to protect rural nurses.

A mother’s uterine fluid can give a growing foetus information on the outside world.

A new study has found that consistent use of paracetamol in pregnancy could have effects on the development of male offspring.

Health clinics and hospitals will start weighing children as part of new anti-obesity measures.

A trial involving more than 11,000 patients has revealed sitting up or lying flat after a stroke makes no difference to their recovery.

Experts say closing the Indigenous education gap would improve health outcomes as well.

The CEO Sleepout charity has introduced a virtual reality homelessness experience.

An unnecessary stoush is growing between the WA and federal government over the NDIS.

Research suggests teenagers really do need to sleep in longer than adults.

A hefty sneeze can fling bacteria up to 4 metres, where it remains alive for up to 45 minutes.

The world’s largest randomised controlled trial of the use of acupuncture in emergency departments has been completed.

Experts say Australia needs to reduce the risks that people face in their golden years.

Advocates want to make sure funding for important telehealth services stays strong.

The Red Cross is encouraging more people to roll up their sleeves in winter, as blood bank supplies drop to dangerous lows.

Children with FASD are more likely to fail at school, have attention problems and talk about killing themselves ...

Social and economic disadvantage could be an evolutionary trigger for children to hit early puberty.

Researchers are investigating the idea of attaching defibrillators to drones.

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