A new report has identified serious gaps in the NDIS for people living with mental illness.

Australian researchers say around half of patients suffering from major spinal cord injuries could still have some nerve connections intact.

The German government has slammed tests that involve humans and monkeys being made to inhale diesel exhaust fumes.

The SA Government’s policy to fine hospitals that exceed waiting time target has been criticised by the state’s mental health watchdog.

A new study has found on-shift napping could have some health benefits.

An overlooked antibiotic first developed decades ago could help in the fight against superbugs.

German researchers have created tiny, soft robots that can jump, swim and crawl like a caterpillar — all while carrying cargo.

Codeine is coming off the shelves this week.

Researchers have used a modified flu virus to successfully stop the growth of pancreatic cancer in mice.

Health minister Greg Hunt has allowed private health insurers to lift their premiums.

Breathing exercises could help reduce the chance that a patient will develop postoperative pneumonia.

Chinese researchers have used a new technique to clone monkeys.

Researchers have added pigment to 3D-printed skin.

Australian researchers have reflected on the first 18 months of a five-year study into the health effects of wind farms.

Two states have launched free vaccination programs in response to outbreaks on opposite sides of the country.

The Federal Government has put up $26 million for 19 clinical trials to improve survival rates for rare cancers and other diseases.

The Australian Government has “serious shortcomings” in its human rights record, according to Human Rights Watch.

A new study has reviewed the accuracy of diagnoses of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in primary care in Australia.

Australia’s genetic modification laws are in line for a shake up in response to new technologies.

Australian researchers are lending a hand in the development of an exciting new cancer test.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service says there is a crisis in rural and remote mental health services.

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