The AMA has warned private health insurers are moving to maximise profits and reduce care.

The outgoing head of SA Health says cultural change is needed in South Australia’s health system.

The Australian Medical Association says some pharmacies are offering flu vaccinations too early.

Experts say diabetes should be treated as five separate illnesses.

A new review suggests cervical cancer could be eliminated in Australia within the next four decades.

A new study looks at how LSD dissolves the ego.

Research has found significant links between medical interventions such as c-sections and a child’s long-term health.

Launceston General Hospital has lost emergency medicine training accreditation following the departure of all but two ED doctors.

A large proportion of commonly prescribed, non-antibacterial pharmaceuticals appear to affect the growth of the bacteria in our guts.

Six people have now died in a rockmelon-related listeria outbreak.

AI can now diagnose and identify cancerous prostate samples as accurately as a professional pathologist.

New healthcare spending is expected after the SA Liberals claimed victory in the state election.

Researchers have questioned ketamine nasal sprays for depression, after a pilot trial was stopped early due to poor side effects.

A new study questions the concept of being ‘healthy at any weight’.

Researchers have replicated a platypus milk protein in their mission to create new antibiotics.

Experts say the Federal Government’s health advice on PFAS chemicals must be changed.

Some sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise in Western Australia, with Aboriginal communities hit particularly hard.

An international study suggests a quarter of penis cancer sufferers do not get the recommended treatment.

Sydney's richest suburbs have some of the lowest rates of child immunisation, according to a new report.

A Mackay hospital is testing a new drug for patients suffering from non-healing wounds.

Researchers have edited-out a mosquito gene that could stop the transmission of malaria.

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