A new technique could see normal optical fibre technology used to produce microscopic 3D images.

Questions have been asked about the Federal Government approval of the sale of 43 Australian hospitals.

Alcohol advertising in sport can have long-term effects on drinking attitudes, according to a new study.

Experts suggest Australians are being kept in the dark about new risks of medicines.

An exciting new discovery suggests that treatment resistance to a commonly used brain cancer drug can be reversed.

The national youth mental health service Headspace has been dubbed a “waste of time”, amid calls for more support.

Experts say free flu vaccines are working, but there is room for improvement.

New data exposes deteriorating waiting times and safety concerns in Sydney emergency departments.

Doctors appear to be unaware of many of their patients’ weight-loss efforts.

Researchers have identified a feedback cycle that keeps us consuming concerning news.

Scientists have developed a power source that generates electricity using the energy of the beating heart.

The Queensland Government is banning junk food promotions at government-owned sites.

The doctors’ lobby says elective surgery waiting times are at their highest level since records began.

Experts warn that the dengue fever mosquito common to north and central Queensland poses the greatest danger of spreading the Zika virus in Australia.

Experts say qualified privilege legislation for doctors should be reviewed.

An Australian university has pioneered a world-first non-invasive nerve repair technology.

There are reports that a typhoid outbreak is affecting asylum seekers and refugees on Manus Island.

The Victorian Government is changing the rules for its supervised safe injecting room.

Israeli researchers say they have 3D-printed a small human heart.

Aged care provider Bupa has been taken to court by the ACCC over alleged false and misleading claims.

Bill Shorten says Labor would guarantee an extra $2.8 billion in health funding.

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