Education Queensland is being sued by the family of a boy with ADHD, after his school restrained him for ‘aggressive’ acts.

US scientists have shown activity in lab-grown mini-brains for the first time.

Ken Wyatt has supported some reduction in anti-alcohol polices in the Northern Territory.

Experts say we are all drinking microplastics, and cannot tell if they are making us sick.

The average amount of lead in the blood of Port Pirie children is up 45 per cent this year.

New stats show drug overdoses kill one Australian every five hours.

An international review has found Australian regions with coal-fired power stations are among hot spots for sulphur dioxide pollution.

A study at two aged care homes suggests brushing teeth twice a day could save lives.

A medicinal cannabis company has announced plans to build one of the world’s largest production facilities in regional Victoria.

A NSW healthcare watchdog has been slammed for hiring a convicted sex offender to investigate misconduct.

Researchers have turned living cells into computers, using DNA for information processing and storage.

The SA Government has reportedly settled a major dispute with its new hospital.

The South Australian government is lifting its moratorium on growing GM food crops.

Australian researchers have discovered a way to find and beat superbugs, providing a critical breakthrough against many deadly infectious diseases.

Experts say producers must cut antibiotic use in animals for the sake of human health.

July has been declared the world’s hottest month since records began.

Emergency service workers' mental health may not be adequately monitored.

Japanese researchers have built a robotic tail to keep elderly people from falling over.

New research suggests frequent social media may be harming teen girls' mental health.

Australian researchers need 3,000 stutterers for a study looking at genes that cause stuttering.

Japanese researchers are working on ways to select the gender of human offspring.

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