New research suggests even the earliest humans mingled with Neanderthals.

Australian scientists have successfully grown the Wuhan coronavirus in a lab.

Religious organisations are fighting moves to make gay conversion therapy a crime in Queensland.

A lab set up to re-test old drugs has found dozens of potential new cancer treatments.

A new study suggests regulations designed to limit lead levels in children may be working.

Legal experts have criticised the Federal Government for releasing highly sensitive medical records to police ...

Health Minister Greg Hunt has been accused of interfering in the review of a medical product.

The outbreak of a new coronavirus that began in the central Chinese city of Wuhan has reached Australia.

Prominent Australian epidemiologist Dr Peter Salama has died.

Scientists have 3D-printed the vocal cords of an ancient Egyptian priest.

Advocates say children with autism languish unduly in emergency departments and mental health wards.

The World Health Organization warns there is not enough money or innovation going into developing new antibiotics.

Almost one in five Queensland stonemasons appear to have a potentially deadly lung disease.

The true rate of assault on Northern Territory paramedics has been underreported, insiders say.

CSIRO scientists have genetically engineered mosquitos that are resistant to spreading the dengue virus.

A review of the NDIS has found it is plagued with delays, frustrating and difficult to understand.

As our knowledge of the gut microbiome expands, researchers say the reproductive biome may be missing out.

A new coronavirus first discovered in China is beginning to spread.

New studies suggest whooping cough is evolving into a superbug.

Australian researchers have used liquid metals to develop new bacteria-shredding technology.

An inquest into the murder of a nurse in 2016 could lead to new measures for the safety of medical personnel.

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