The Federal Court has fined the makers of Voltaren Osteo Gel $4.5 million for breaches of Australian Consumer Law.

The bushfire royal commission has been given an indication of the enormous toll on public health.

Economists want those on the medical front line to be rewarded with increased wages.

Australia’s life expectancy is stagnating while social inequality widens.

Australian researchers have found extensive financial relationships between the leaders of US medical associations and industry.

Researchers have discovered a new battleground in the fight to treat brain disorders – gut mucus.

Australians have contributed to a world-first study of the epigenetics of post-traumatic growth and resilience.

Scientists have synthesised an anti-inflammatory tick spit protein for the first time.

An international research team has created an artificial eye which mimics the shape and composition of the human retina.

Experts say they may have found Australia's first transmission of the drug-resistant Candida auris fungus.

Experts say mental health issues among police officers are a major concern.

A federal agency has admitted MyHealth records have been targeted by hackers.

New evidence shows high antibiotic use in remote communities.

Doctors say single-use metalware is both a cost and a liability for Australian hospitals.

Queensland’s voluntary euthanasia laws have been deferred until after the October election.

Law reforms in Victoria have made it easier for people to change their birth certificates.

A new study looks at the value people place on having their genome sequenced for medical purposes.

Researchers are working on new prosthetics that restore sight by delivering visual information directly to the brain.

Dozens of nations have backed Australia's push for an independent inquiry into the COVID-19 outbreak.

The ‘extra-medical’ use of opioids is costing Australia around $15.7 billion and causing more than 2200 deaths a year.

A new report shows ‘Dr Google’ is almost always wrong.

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