The NSW Government has launched a new framework to improve mental health at work.

The Queensland Government has put up a $5 million medical research grant for dust lung disease.

The Victorian Government has funded a new COVID-19 biobank.

A new study links depressive symptoms to rapid kidney function decline.

Australian health workers could face legal risks if they make triage decisions during a disaster.

Research shows that offering a free flu vax for kids has increased vaccination rates.

Engineers are using an inverted 3D-printing method to produce new body parts.

A push is on for the Federal Government to provide free sanitary products in all public high schools.

Gene modification therapy has been used to partially restore the vision of a blind patient.

New research suggests contamination from nuclear tests at Maralinga could be worse than previously thought.

Australian researchers have discovered a gene that appears to drive one of the main aspects of Alzheimer’s disease.

A new survey suggests marketing is key to vaccine uptake.

Experts say there are serious deficiencies in diabetes management in Queensland public hospitals.

A Phase 3 clinical trial in the US shows therapy on ecstasy could treat severe PTSD.

Australian engineers have come up with a new antimicrobial surface that massively reduces bacteria build-up.

A five-year study of Australia's ‘Closing the Gap’ program suggests it is largely failing.

Businesses are outraged at being made to fund mental health services in Victoria.

Politicians from ACT are informing Victorian MPs about the Territory’s cannabis laws.

Local experts are working on an organic, printable device to restore sight to the blind.

Researchers have found that nano-tech augmentations can massively increase the effectiveness of cystic fibrosis drugs.

A new report shows some Victorian paramedics are under stress levels akin to a mental disorder.

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