The AIS has launched new measures to monitor the wellbeing of Australian athletes, coaches and officials.

The NSW Government has released its Closing the Gap Implementation Plan, and councils say they are ready to help.

British engineers have developed new inflatable, shape-changing spinal implants.

Experts have assessed the lungs of people exposed to the Hazelwood coal fire in 2014.

The latest government intergenerational report predicts smaller population growth.

Engineers are developing a temporary, battery-less pacemaker.

Experts are using AI to improve premature baby care.

An Auditor-General's report says patient care at the Ballarat Health Service is “at risk”.

A new database should help oncologists make targeted cancer therapies more accessible.

The number of Queenslanders prescribed opioids has increased 10 fold in 20 years.

Researchers have conducted a detailed study of the viruses in human poo.

Regional and rural health providers want pathways to be created to bring medical professionals back to the country.

Research suggests young people experienced higher rates of psychological distress in the early days of COVID-19.

Queensland Health is bringing in private debt collectors to recoup millions of dollars in unpaid hotel quarantine bills.

New research shows a common antibiotic could be useful in accelerating recovery from tuberculosis.

Experts say dementia must be recognised as a disability.

Japanese researchers have developed high-tech earmuffs that can measure blood alcohol concentration.

Google is searching for a new way to measure skin tones to curb bias in its products.

A big review finds many health apps are oversharing on users’ behalf.

Researchers in the US have shown that human cells can write RNA sequences into DNA.

The medical regulator is investigating claims made by One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts.

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