A new study suggests trust in scientists drives public adherence to pandemic restrictions.

WorkSafe Victoria has charged the state’s Health Department with 58 breaches of OHS laws over its initial hotel quarantine program.

Services Australia says it is not changing its COVID vaccine certificate despite them being easily faked.

Researchers are attempting to use artificial intelligence to predict the next pandemic.

Safework SA has cleared a football team of workplace safety breaches from 2018.

The warming planet requires urgent planning for heat and human health, experts say.

A dissenting member of the Fair Work Commission (FWC) has labelled mandatory vaccines for workers “medical apartheid”.

Experts are working on an electronic nose that can analyse ‘breathprints’ to spot health conditions.

Experts say data from the genome and epigenome will help prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

Scientists have discovered a new dementia marker in the brainstem.

Governments are testing their ‘vaccinated economy’ tech.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has updated its treatment advice for high-risk COVID-19 patients.

Researchers want to use AI to make identifying autism easier.

Experts are pushing for domestic violence support to be offered in vaccine clinics.

A new rapid test for hepatitis C will soon be rolled out at drug treatment clinics, prisons and needle exchange services nationwide.

Australia’s big doctors’ lobby has warned the Victorian Government about its roadmap out of lockdown.

A new combination of targeted drugs has been shown to reduce ovarian cancer tumours.

Researchers are investigating the therapeutic power of a Mozart sonata.

New South Wales is looking at facial recognition and geolocation to help it control its home quarantine system.

Exposure to toxoplasma, a disease carried by cats, may increase the likelihood of developing psychosis in young people already at risk.

The Federal Government is funding a new range of meat and dairy alternatives.

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