South Australian paramedics are speaking out against issues plaguing the state’s health sector.

Experts say cooking with gas comes with significant climate and health impacts.

The ‘heel prick test’ for babies could soon be used to spot three rare genetic disorders.

The ‘gap’ is widening when it comes to keeping Indigenous kids out of care.

European researchers say workplace exposure to pesticides is linked to a heightened risk of respiratory diseases.

CSIRO has developed an AI weight loss coach to administer its data-driven diet.

Scientists have pinpointed a gene that helps deadly E. coli bacteria evade antibiotics.

Central Australia's peak Aboriginal health body has called for a “complete lockdown”.

A new treatment is showing promise in the fight against highly resistant ‘superbugs’.

Australia’s outdated Medicare billing technology could open the door to dangerous and expensive mistakes, a new report says.

Scientists have successfully transplanted two kidneys from genetically modified pigs into a brain-dead human recipient.

Sydney researchers have been awarded over $3 million to study therapeutic uses of MDMA and psilocybin.

The TGA has approved Australia’s first oral treatments for COVID-19.

South Australia has accused Victoria and New South Wales of intercepting rapid antigen tests (RATs) bound for the state.

The Victorian Government has activated a Code Brown alert across multiple hospitals.

An independent review of governance of the WA health system has been launched.

The completion regulator says people are being gouged for rapid antigen tests.

Doctors in the US say they have successfully transplanted a genetically-modified pig heart into a patient.

Genetics may play an even larger role in heart disease than first thought.

Local experts say they have uncovered an immune profile for long COVID, potentially paving the way for tailored treatment for those with ongoing symptoms.

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