The Queensland Government says it has accepted all the findings of an inquiry into its forensic DNA lab.

A happy coincidence in a lab could revolutionise embryo models and targeted drug therapies.

Walnuts could be the new super food for stressed university students.

Local researchers have infected a ‘brain-in-a-dish’ with Zika virus.

Common workplace fumes and dust may heighten rheumatoid arthritis risk.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is sounding the alarm on high levels of resistance in bacteria.

A new report looks at the ethics of crossing species boundaries by inserting human cells into nonhuman animals.

Researchers are working on tiny metal capsules for delivering anti-cancer drugs only to cancer cells.

A collapsed bulk billing medical centre has been accused of systematically rorting Medicare over a number of years.

Experts say that nearly 4,000 genetic variations influence our smoking and drinking habits.

Australia’s annual sexual health check up shows STIs are mostly down, but this could be because of less testing.

Researchers have measured the psychological burden of racism.

A new report says Medicare no longer works for patients or GPs.

Elon Musk’s cybernetics company Neuralink is facing a federal probe and employee backlash over animal tests.

Locally-developed vaccine technology abandoned early in the COVID-19 pandemic has been revived.

An inquiry has heard thousands of Queensland DNA crime scene samples went untested following a controversial lab decision.

The contract for the largely failed ‘COVIDsafe’ app will be scrutinised at an official inquiry.

A Phase 1 clinical trial has provided promising results for a HIV vaccine.

Video game ‘loot boxes’ have been linked to problem gambling.

A new plan will see NSW student doctors get paid jobs in hospitals to ease staff shortages.

The ACT and Northern Territory parliaments can consider euthanasia laws after a landmark ban was overturned.

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