Researchers say there is no clear medical definition of “growing pains”.

Experts want new laws to stop people from making vaping look cool.

New research finds that spending time playing video games may not impact wellbeing.

Experts say health practitioners need help to offer support for domestic violence victims.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has put forth a proposal to change the constitution to create an Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

ANU researchers have developed a new way to synthesise bicyclic peptides, which could have major implications for drug research.

The Northern Territory government is being urged to pause the lifting of intervention-era alcohol restrictions.

New data shows Australia is still failing to hit most of its Closing the Gap targets.

Professor Paul Kelly, Australia’s Chief Medical Officer, has declared monkeypox (MPX) a Communicable Disease Incident of National Significance.

Australia’s top science body has laid out the seven ‘megatrends’ it thinks will define the next 20 years.

Experts say a good hot water system could save lives.

Evidence suggests there is virtually zero risk of ‘mad cow’ from blood donation in Australia.

Experts are testing whether drugs for type 2 diabetes can help those with type 1.

Australian engineers have come up with a new spray coating to shield surfaces from viruses and bacteria.

A new tool has uncovered the ‘elegant’ mechanism responsible for antibiotic tolerance in golden staph.

Experts say doctors determining a person’s eligibility for voluntary assisted dying face an “inherently uncertain and imprecise” task.

Experts have criticised the planning ahead of the lifting of NT’s alcohol ban.

Australian scientists are working on a much faster way to spot antibiotic resistance.

Experts say Australians in more than 400 remote or regional communities lack access to good-quality drinking water.

Australia is grappling with rising COVID-19 cases without imposing the familiar restrictions of the last few years.

New research suggests users welcome HIV self-test kits, but access is falling short.

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