Labor is preparing a bill that would ban animal testing for cosmetics in Australia.

A private members bill is expected to be tabled in Parliament this week by federal Opppostion MP Clare O'Neil, pushing for a ban on importation and sale of products tested on animals.

The step has already been welcomed by animal welfare advocates.

Labor says the Federal Government should support the measure, or risk moving out of step with the European Union and Israel.

“Most Australians probably aren't aware that the vast majority of cosmetics on supermarket and chemist shelves have, at one stage, been tested on animals,” Ms O'Neil told Fairfax reporters.

“In fact, many people we talked to through the consultation process thought this had been banned a long time ago.”

Animals Australia spokesperson Lisa Chalk told the ABC that while animal testing for cosmetics was outlawed in Australia, there are still plenty of common personal care products from big brands developed using animal testing, which are imported and sold here.

“These tests are as gruesome as they are archaic,” Ms Chalk said.

“Rabbits have chemicals dripped into their eyes, dogs are inflicted with chemical burns and smaller animals can be force-fed toxic chemicals. It's cruelty impossible to justify for the sake of a shampoo or lip stick.”

She said banning the products would send a strong message to major brands still engaged in animal testing.

If this week’s bill fails, Labor says animal testing will become an election platform.

Ninety-two per cent of respondents to an ALP survey of 13,000 people in 2014 backed a ban.