SA Health says two cases of a dangerous bacteria recently detected in babies are not related.

Researchers have compiled a new list of the fingerprints of damage that cancer causes to DNA.

Dr Brendan Murphy has left his role as Australia’s Chief Medical Officer.

Regulators are concerned about the amount of data Google would have access to if its buys Fitbit.

The NT Government has scrapped a program that would have prevented some patients from having to travel interstate for heart surgery.

The Health Minister announced an almost immediate ban on vaping products last week, but has now delayed it for six months.

Australia will soon be home to half of the most sensitive telescope ever.

Experts have proposed changing the Closing the Gap measures.

New research shows Australian companies do better when they have more women in leadership.

Australia’s chief scientist says the nation must do more to lift energy efficiency.

Researchers say the world is experiencing its sixth mass extinction.

There is a type of small Australian lizard that sits in an interesting evolutionary middle ground.

Scott Morrison gave a vague address about cyber-security last week, and now experts have fleshed out his message.

New figures suggest Australia’s big money COVID-19 responses will not require serious austerity to repay.

Experts say air pollution threatens brain health.

Researchers have reported a ‘massive uptick’ in anti-vaccination activity.

European nations have signed a 400 million dose vaccine deal.

The Federal Health Minister says Australia's COVID-19 studies could make it a leader in future medical research and clinical trials.

The AMA says COVID-19 lockdowns have prevented thousands of flu cases.

Australian researchers are looking at the immune cells that accumulate within tumours.

Families in regional and rural NSW have been receiving virtual parenting support from researchers at UNSW Sydney.

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