Researchers have shattered records for the speed of brain-computer interfaces (BCIs).

An Australian woman has become the first known human to be infected with a parasitic roundworm linked to ...

Researchers have designed a single drug that delivers a lethal ‘one-two’ punch to blood cancer...

New technology can rapidly detect infected wounds.

Hundreds of families will be offered compensation for issues with Cochlear hearing implants in South Australia.

A new test could help predict who will get dementia in the next 14 years.

Experts say urgent action is needed to reverse the steep decline of new GPs.

Researchers have unveiled a long-awaited map of the human Y chromosome, responsible for determining male characteristics.

Australia is facing four decades of budget deficits, according to the latest Intergenerational Report.

Medibank anticipates a financial hit of $35 million in 2024 due to the fallout from a 2022 data breach.

A world-first human trial has used live hookworms to combat diseases such as Type 2 diabetes.

Engineering researchers say special cells involved in tissue repair can be “tuned” to take on different types of repair...

New research shows an increased cancer risk from low-dose radiation exposure at work.

Ethicists are challenging the conventional definition of a human embryo.

An augmented reality walk through before surgery could make the process less stressful.

Melbourne researchers are harnessing the body’s own system of signalling proteins to combat ovarian cancer.

A capability review of the Department of Health and Aged Care says the healthcare system will face “enormous strains”...

In a study on mice, researchers have found injecting platelets can replicate the benefits of exercise in the brain.

Rapid genome sequencing can detect rare genetic diseases within weeks of birth.

Anthony Albanese has pledged a $200 million investment in women's sports.

Scientists have recreated a Pink Floyd song from brain recordings of a person listening to it.

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