Aged care provider Bupa has been taken to court by the ACCC over alleged false and misleading claims.

Israeli researchers say they have 3D-printed a small human heart.

Toymaker Fisher-Price has recalled nearly 5 million infant sleepers in the US that are linked to dozens of infant deaths.

Research engineers have developed a small, palm-worn device to help diagnose Parkinson’s disease.

A new microscope is expected to be a game-changer for Melbourne eye surgery.

Privacy screens in hospitals could be an overlooked means of disease transmission, research shows.

An extra-terrestrial twin study has given important insights into the health effects of living in space.

Diversity training for physiotherapists could help overcome care concerns among LGBTIQ+ clients, experts say.

The Prime Minister has made a big mental health funding promise.

Bill Shorten says Labor would guarantee an extra $2.8 billion in health funding.

NSW health authorities have issued official warnings following a measles outbreak.

The Federal Government has launched a scheme to fund organisations run by people with disability.

The ALP has laid out some plans for health spending if it wins the federal election in May.

Scott Morrison has defended reopening an immigration detention centre before shutting it down again.

WA’s Fiona Stanley Hospital is being sued over the death of an infant.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has launched a royal commission into the abuse and neglect of disabled Australians.

The Territory Government is refusing to release a million-dollar review that reportedly shows massive health budget blowouts.

A whistleblower has criticised NSW’s healthcare watchdog.

A strange new study has found listening to intense electronic music may help avoid mosquito bites.

A US jury has awarded $114 million to a man who said his use of weed killer Roundup caused his cancer.

Experts say medical abortions in Australia are still being affected by a restrictive history.

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