A meta-analysis has found that sperm concentration has declined more than 50 percent ...

Victoria is moving ahead on a conscience vote for euthanasia.

A prototype vaccine for type 1 diabetes will start clinical trials in 2018.

Queensland’s Mater hospital has put its name to an advertising campaign for the New Acland stage 3 mine.

Research has revealed new details on how pregnant mothers’ smoking harms their babies.

A fight has erupted between senior clinicians and management at the Royal Hobart Hospital.

The Queensland Government is doubling the number of free and cheap car park spaces available at public hospitals.

Councils in northern Tasmania could soon ask their people if they want fluoride in their water.

Fewer teenagers are drinking alcohol but more needs to be done to curb the drinking habits of Australian school students ...

Australian researchers have discovered an important mechanism in the creation of antibiotics.

The AMA is sceptical about the rise of online doctors and health services.

Australian researchers have discovered that immune cells can act like tiny brains.

Thousands of people are being recruited for a $5.8 million national oral health study.

An Australian study has found premature babies who receive a course of caffeine show long term improvements in their breathing and lung function.

The Prime Minister has defended delays in rolling out important blood tests for the Northern Territory.

New research has unveiled the details of a key Alzheimer’s protein.

Two Victorian hospitals are trialling a new “body clock” rostering system.

Australian GPs are prescribing between four and nine times as many antibiotics for certain infections as they should.

Australian paediatricians prescribe more psychotropics than any other kind of medication, according to new research.

Gonorrhoea is becoming much harder to treat, and sometimes impossible, due to antibiotic resistance.

The idea of using a cancer patient's own immune cells to create a personalised vaccine is becoming reality.

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