The World Health Organization warns there is not enough money or innovation going into developing new antibiotics.

Almost one in five Queensland stonemasons appear to have a potentially deadly lung disease.

A review of the NDIS has found it is plagued with delays, frustrating and difficult to understand.

A new coronavirus first discovered in China is beginning to spread.

The true rate of assault on Northern Territory paramedics has been underreported, insiders say.

As our knowledge of the gut microbiome expands, researchers say the reproductive biome may be missing out.

CSIRO scientists have genetically engineered mosquitos that are resistant to spreading the dengue virus.

New studies suggest whooping cough is evolving into a superbug.

Australian researchers have used liquid metals to develop new bacteria-shredding technology.

An inquest into the murder of a nurse in 2016 could lead to new measures for the safety of medical personnel.

The Federal Government has announced several new health projects in response to ongoing bushfires.

An Australian research team has achieved a world first – producing human immune cells in a dish.

Some of the world’s biggest tobacco companies want to meet with the Federal Government ...

An Australian lab has claimed success in animal trials of a drug to ward off dementia.

A joint letter from over 100 doctors urges Australia to protect imprisoned WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Researchers have created what could be the ultimate non-stick coating.

A new touch-screen therapy tool could accelerate the recovery of patients who have suffered a stroke.

SA Premier Steven Marshall has allegedly criticised the release of a report into potential health department corruption.

If junk food were labelled with the amount of exercise it takes to burn off the calories, people may make healthier choices.

The NSW coroner says the death of a 13-year-old serves as a reminder to clinicians not to ignore vital signs.

Queensland researchers have developed new technology to produce safer ‘hybrid’ viruses at high volumes for use in vaccines and diagnostics for mosquito-borne diseases.

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