An inquiry has heard Australia's food allergen labelling must be improved.

The NSW nursing union says staff and patient safety is being put at risk by a lack of mental health staff at Shellharbour Hospital.

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service has announced it is changing its name.

Climate change is already damaging the health of the world’s children, and Australia is at significant risk of health decline too.

A third patient has died amid ramping outside of Adelaide hospital this year.

Official stats show the Federal Government is not under much pressure to bring asylum seekers to Australia for medical treatment.

An Indigenous child welfare review has found newborns are being removed from mothers in “unethical” ways.

A new study reveals how white blood cells control the final moments of their death and their removal from the human body.

Experts say Australian national parks are worth about $145 billion in health benefits.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) has been criticised for its delayed response to the police shooting of a teenager in the Northern Territory.

The disability royal commission has heard some harrowing stories so far ...

A common method for calculating the lifetime risk of cancer diagnosis and mortality overestimates these risks, a new study says.

‘Unsafe’ conditions have led paramedics to stop treating patients outside of ambulances at Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH).

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have the highest burn injury rates of all Australians, prompting calls for better services.

Surgeons say children should not be allowed on quad-bikes.

Research finds there is room for improvement for doctors caring for kids with gastro.

A new, open-source genetic database has been developed by Australian and North American researchers.

A new study suggests poo transplants could beat antibiotics for treating the C. diff superbug.

The Health Minister says the Government will come up with measures to stop the drugging of elderly people in aged care.

New research shows measles can weaken the immune system for years.

Authorities in New Delhi have declared a public health emergency due to incredible levels of air pollution.

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