The Federal Government has issued its first licences to sell marijuana.

Obesity experts say that if we have controls on alcohol and tobacco, we should have them on sugary drinks too.

Trials of a new malaria vaccine have had some stunning results, granting 100 per cent protection for months.

Planning is underway for a new Bundaberg hospital.

A new network should help improve medical outcomes in Queensland.

Experts say taxing bad food could bring in billions and extend the average Australian lifespan.

Politicians say the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (nRAH) will struggle to cope with its first winter flu season.

Nurses are calling for the right to refuse treatment to aggressive patients.

Health experts say the lack of a strong approach to the Australian obesity epidemic is ‘unacceptable’.

Queensland Health’s purchasing practices have been slammed in a new review.

Victoria has become the third Australian state to offer free meningococcal W vaccines for school students.

Pfizer say it is closing its Adelaide manufacturing plant, despite announcing plans to expand the site last year.

Australia has lost one of its greatest contributors to public health ...

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has rebuilt the Indigenous Advisory Council (IAC).

The cost of private health insurance for Australian families is on the rise.

Queensland researchers have discovered key details on how aggressive melanomas spread.

Feeling unsatisfied at work? Try a facelift!

The ANF has backed nurses refusing to move to the Perth Children's Hospital until lead contamination has been sorted.

Human trials are beginning to show that medical marijuana could reduce cravings and ease withdrawal symptoms in heroin users.

The idea that herbal medicines are ‘safe’ because they come from natural materials could be dangerous.

Funding has run out for Tasmania’s palliative care peak body.

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Rates of autism diagnosis have increased 20 fold over the last 30 years, and no, it’s not because of vaccines.

NASA has sent a robot into space that will hitchhike through the Solar System on the back of an asteroid.

I went to a science talk looking for controversy but all I found was science.

‘Ninety-seven per cent of climate experts agree humans are causing global warming’ – a statement about agreement that not everyone agrees on.

There is excitement in the world of astronomy, with suggestions our solar system could contain a never-before-seen planet.

Researchers say they have evidence that an object about ten times the mass of Earth has been hiding in the outer solar system.

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