The AMA wants access to the hundreds of asylum seekers and refugees languishing on Manus Island.

Experts say governments should not be afraid to sue tobacco companies for their enormous cost to health systems.

A mental health expert has described ways to improve Australia’s one-stop youth centre – Headspace.

Researchers say they have found a second function for oxytocin in the brain.

Over 15,000 scientists have signed a warning letter about the Earth.

Neuroscientists have watched the brain grow and shrink as lessons become engrained functions.

A new research collaboration has been launched to develop the next generation of sensitive, portable disease and drugs tests.

Medibank Private is moving away from high carbon investments.

A leading Australian centre has been awarded funding to help Indigenous kids.

Researchers say insurers are engaging in genetic discrimination.

Ambulance Victoria is testing a specialised ambulance for stroke victims.

Experts say more information is needed to help respond to occupational lung disease.

Australia’s top biomedical institutions are joining forces as part of an ambitious global initiative to create an ‘instruction manual for life itself.’

The Therapeutic Goods Administration has been accused of being too friendly to the industry it is meant to regulate.

Australian researchers have made a significant step towards personalised medicine for pancreatic cancer.

Authorities in NSW are warning residents to treat all bats as if they are rabid.

Health experts say Australia should consider vaccinating babies for meningococcal B.

Moves are afoot that could stop cosmetic surgeons from calling themselves ‘surgeons’.

Experts say the range of genetic screening undertaken by couples wanting to start a family should be expanded.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has changed his mind about a safe injecting room ...

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