Tamper-proof opioids may have stopped people injecting them, but have not slowed the epidemic.

“Baby brain” — forgetfulness and other cognitive deficiencies during pregnancy — is a measurable and significant phenomenon.

Official data suggests New South Wales is facing a severe shortage of nursing staff.

Two new studies have shed light on the impacts of two of the most common painkillers.

The consumption of alcohol, tobacco and marijuana has dropped among Australian teenagers.

New technology is allowing researchers to see brain connections working in real time.

Australia’s healthcare system is responsible for just over 7 per cent of the nation’s carbon footprint.

Australian researchers are running human trials of a gas-sensing swallowable capsule.

The Federal Government has put up over $100 million for school mental health programs and new Headspace centres.

An internal report has revealed a "toxic" and "demoralising" culture of bullying and mismanagement at Victoria’s South West Healthcare hospital.

The AMA wants a sugar tax to push people away from highly-sweetened drinks.

Approval has been granted for medicinal cannabis exports.

New research could give hope to parents struggling with colic.

Health minister Greg Hunt has announced an expert committee to look into exorbitant out-of-pocket medical expenses.

January 1 has brought with it a number of new health measures.

Experts say we need alternatives to antibiotics to allow them to remain useful in fighting more serious ones.

Scientists in the US and China have successfully restored hearing in a mouse model of human genetic deafness.

Australian researchers say they have found a molecular ‘blueprint’ for the immune system’s ability to fight disease by ‘remembering’ infections.

New research suggests the ill-effects of the Industrial Revolution are still being felt 200 years later.

A review has found the NT St John Ambulance service to be satisfactory, but the paramedics’ union disagrees.

The ACCC is taking GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Novartis to the Federal Court over “false or misleading” pain medication marketing.

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