Around one in three Australian households are at risk of potentially deadly Listeria infection, new stats suggest.

A quick neck scan could spot people at risk of dementia years before symptoms appear, researchers claim.

Stats show there has been a fairly slow uptake of medical cannabis, possibly because of a lack of good evidence.

Australian surgeons have successfully separated conjoined twins in a six-hour operation in Melbourne.

Many foods labelled as “gluten-free” in fact contain gluten, new research suggests.

The Foodbank charity says the Federal Government’s decision to slash its funding “beggars belief”.

The window of time to opt out of the My Health Record system closes this week.

A new study suggests parasites in the intestines provide protection against infection in other organs.

Research suggests alcohol advertising restrictions are unlikely to reduce young people’s exposure to alcohol marketing.

A review of Melbourne rivers has revealed a cocktail of pharmaceuticals that could put wildlife at risk.

Experts say systemic change is needed to tackle suicide in the health workforce.

A petition with over 2,000 signatures has urged SA to re-open a sleep laboratory at the new Royal Adelaide Hospital.

The number of children seeking gender reassignment surgery is surging, stats suggest.

Australia’s elimination of rubella is a powerful sign that that vaccinations work, according to health minister Greg Hunt.

A new antibiotic against drug-resistant bacteria is showing promise after a phase 2 trial on 448 patients.

A new program is giving dental students a unique opportunity to practice administering injections in a virtual reality environment.

Advocates are concerned that funds previously earmarked for the NDIS are being used to fund drought relief.

Seven million deaths are caused by air pollution each year, new global stats show.

A baby born with syphilis in South Australia is the state’s first in 18 years.

A major Sydney hospital has lost Intensive Care Unit training accreditation due to serious bullying and harassment allegations.

Telstra has taken responsibility for an outage that saw over 1,400 calls to triple-zero going unanswered earlier this year.

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