CSIRO is starting work on medicinal psychedelics.

Scientists have briefly revived light-sensing cells in the eyes of a deceased person.

The EU is imposing tougher cyber security rules for energy facilities and other key sectors.

New and updated recommendations for stroke management have been published.

German research suggests the seasonal flu might be a direct descendant of the 1918 ‘Spanish flu’.

Experts have run a survey on the contentious issue of what older people think about voluntary assisted death (VAD), regardless of any health condition.

New stats suggest one in 150 Australians have retinal scars caused by the Toxoplasma parasite.

Government funding is fast-tracking development of a new technology to precisely image aggressive brain cancers and guide treatment.

Australian researchers have discovered a key aspect of natural cell death.

A new study has looked at the decline of antibodies following infection with the COVID Omicron strain.

Wollongong is set to have Australia’s first hospital for women with trauma caused by domestic and sexual violence.

The WHO says COVID-19 has led to almost 15 million extra deaths.

Figures have been released showing the enormous strain on the Victorian health system caused by the COVID-19 omicron wave.

Experts say night shifts are linked to worse health in women as they age.

Questions have been raised about how Aspen Medical was able to secure $1 billion in government PPE contracts...

Australian researchers have developed customised circuit boards to help encourage STEM knowledge...

The states and territories are pushing federal politicians over public hospital funding.

New research suggests the shape of a person’s face could affect how aggressive they look.

A new, microscopic imaging device could allow diagnosis of diseases on a smartphone.

Australian researchers are working on a new antimicrobial coating to improve implants.

Victoria's election-year state budget has been released.

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