One in 10 people with a Medicare card have opted-out of the new My Health Record digital health system.

The Federal Government is spending millions to fight anti-vaccination campaigns.

The NSW Liberals have promised thousands more nurses and midwives.

More details have emerged about the Queensland Government’s flawed Lady Cilento Children's Hospital name change poll.

A legal dispute between the WA Government and builder John Holland does not look like ending soon.

Unions have slammed a culture of bullying, pressure and fatigue at the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH).

Christmas Island is not impressed by the Federal Government’s “knee-jerk” decision to reopen its immigration detention centre.

Former QLD MP Chris Davis has won $1.5 million from Brisbane's Metro North Hospital and Health Service (MNHHS) over unlawful discrimination due to his political beliefs.

A deadly disease has emerged amid the flood clean-up in Townsville.

The royal commission into Australia’s aged care system is underway this week.

The Federal Government is firm in its belief that more sick asylum seekers should not be treated.

Researchers have highlighted the importance of early intervention on cerebral palsy.

A prestigious medical journal has dedicated an entire issue to advancing gender equity in science, medicine and global health.

Over $110 million worth of Medicare rebates sit unclaimed, the Government says.

Australian pharmacies have started selling pill testing kits over the counter.

CSIRO has engineered mosquitoes to be resistant to the devastating Zika virus.

The ACT Government has released an interim report from its review of public health services.

The Federal Government has set up a review panel for asylum seekers being transferred on medical grounds.

Experts are debating whether low risk cancers should be renamed to make them sound less scary.

International scientists led by a man called Dr Wang are working on a new male contraceptive.

More than 200,000 cancer cases could be avoided in Australia over the next 25 years if people maintain a healthy weight and exercise regime.

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