The Federal Government has set up an independent expert review panel for asylum seekers being transferred on medical grounds.

The panel is designed to provide “greater assurance” over asylum-seeker medical transfers.

The panel is expected to make regular reports to parliament.

“We've always had a medical transfers process but this is about giving Australians greater assurance that people in offshore processing get the right support,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.

Transfers will still be overseen by the Department of Home Affairs, but the new panel will be able to provide some extra information for decision-making.

Reports say the five-member panel consists of “a professional nominated by the commonwealth chief medical officer, an expert with torture and trauma counselling experience, a nominee of the president of the Australian Medical Association, and two experts nominated by the department's chief medical officer”.

The final four children being held in detention on Nauru are preparing to fly with their families for resettlement in the US.

Only single male asylum seekers will soon remain on Manus Island, 130 of which are not refugees, according to the government.