Prime Minister Scott Morrison has launched a royal commission into the abuse and neglect of disabled Australians.

The $528 million inquiry to be headed by Justice Ronald Sackville will be based in Brisbane.

It is set to examine mistreatment across institutions, workplaces, schools, homes and the wider community and

“Australians living with disability and their families have spoken and my government has listened and is taking action,” Mr Morrison said.

The official title is the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability.

As well as Justice Ronald Sackville, it will be run by five other royal commissioners: Barbara Bennett, Rhonda Galbally, Andrea Mason, Alastair McEwin, and John Ryan.

It should run for three years, with an interim report October 2020 and final report by end April 2022.

The estimated cost of $527.9 million includes funding for support and counselling for people sharing their experiences.

Its terms of reference are accessible here.