A fight has erupted between senior clinicians and management at the Royal Hobart Hospital.

Senior doctors had tried to audit unexpected deaths at the Royal Hobart Hospital earlier this year, but say that the Tasmanian Health Service (THS) knocked backed their attempt.

The doctors are concerned that a lack of beds is costing lives, but the THS said the audit could not go ahead because it would not meet ethical guidelines.

The THS is running its own review, which it says is appropriate and in line with national guidelines.

“The attempted portrayal by members of the THS Executive that a clinician led death audit would be 'unethical research' is absurd, indicating a lack of understanding by the THS,” Australian Medical Association's Tasmanian president Stuart Day said in a statement.

It adds to similar criticism from the AMA and the Medical Staff Association raised in a letter to the state’s Premier earlier this year.

“The decision to abandon the audit proposal was made because of excessive restrictions to the point of obstructiveness placed by the THS and Governing Council,” the letter said.

“The decision must not be construed as flagging commitment, lack of professionalism, failure to appreciate ethical considerations or lack of understanding of the requisite research rigour.”

Premier Will Hodgman has backed THS.

“We always welcome the views of the health professionals who work in our system as to how we can deliver better outcomes for our patients, but the assertion made as to those blockages have been rejected by the THS,” Mr Hodgman said.