A new Environment Protection Authority (EPA) report says Canberra's air quality is excellent, but the city’s love of wood smoke heaters continues to push up pollution.

The EPA report measured carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, photochemical oxidants and particulate matter in homes across Australian capital cities, ranking Canberra the highest.

But even the best city measured a number of spikes where levels exceeded national standards for particulates in the air.

The EPA said the correct use of wood heaters is a key factor in keeping air quality high, and the ACT is making moves to help.

“We've got licensing of fire merchants, we've got 'burn right' campaigns, ongoing administration of the wood heater replacement program,” EPA’s Christopher Collier has told the ABC.

“If you use your heater incorrectly you tend to generate a lot more smoke.

“If you don't use seasoned wood, if it's wet and those kinds of things, they make a very big difference to the air quality going up the chimney,” he said.