Researchers at Royal Perth Hospital have dubbed a new Leukemia drug, “the magic bullet”.

The drug is a form of immunotherapy that works by targeting mutant proteins in the blood, taken in the form of two pills every day and a small injection of chemotherapy seven days a month.

Royal Perth Hospital is the only hospital in the country testing the drug.

Dr Peter Tan, from Royal Perth Hospital, says experts are using the results of trials to personalise treatments.

“What we're trying to find are certain markers to personalise treatment for patients as we know a one-size-fits-all doesn't help everybody,” he said.

Dr Tan says it could become a major way that cancers are treated in the future.

“We think it will change the standard therapy and once it does become available for all patients, it will be the new gold standard across the world,” he said.

One of the hospital’s earlier patients has now been in remission for over two years. He was given the treatment because his advanced age and extensive spread of cancer made him ineligible for chemotherapy.