The Federal Government has announced $1.8 billion in funding over five years for the nation’s regional health infrastructure, with $1.33 billion to be invested through  63 Health and Hospitals Fund grants (HHF).


A further $475 million has been allocated for a second round of regional HHF grants, for which applications will be called later this year.


Other regional health initiatives include:

  • $717 million over five years will expand access to diagnostic imaging services and make new medicines and immunisations more affordable.
  • $53 million will provide better access to public dental services
  • $138.7 million in Federal funding for the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program


The regional health investment also includes a $113.4 million package for the development and expansion of 15 new and existing indigenous health facilities while $8.5 million will be provided over four years from 2011‐12 to 2014‐25 to allow Aboriginal Health Workers and practice nurses to access training to help them feel more confident about recognising domestic violence and be more effective in referring women to support services.


Details of the Health and Hospitals Fund are at

Details of the 63 recipients of HHF funding announced in the Budget are at