The Northern Territory Government is considering scrapping a scheme which provides sport and health education to girls, causing deep concern from advocates.

Scientists in the US say that the financial wealth and educational background of a mother can affect the make-up of their child’s brain – making it more difficult to process sound.

Sulphur dioxide levels in a north Queensland mining city have breached standard levels 11 times this month.

Arms have been laid down in the battle between a fast-food giant and residents of a small town in Victoria.

There will be no money awarded to the public servant who made a claim for injuries sustained during sexual intercourse on a work trip.

An Australian university has created an online tool to help young people suffering with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

A new nanoparticle has been developed which can deliver cancer drugs to specific cells and then stick around to monitor their effect.

A new discovery has revealed the human brain has several times more processing power than ever imagined.

It appears the pill that sparked the sexual revolution may have done its dash, with Australian family planning clinics pushing for a move to longer-term contraceptives.

At least a quarter of a million people will get access to medicines they otherwise could not afford, with new additions to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

Statistics say 18,000 people will die and 50,000 will be left with permanent disability this year as the result of a medical mistake, or ‘adverse medical event’.

A large number of respondents to a recent survey say governments should take a more active role in controlling food labels to improve public health, education and benefit the environment.

A multi-million dollar project has been undertaken in the United States which will see a better level of back-and-forth between surgeons and their robotic instruments.

A recent university report has been used to highlight the dangers of understaffed emergency rooms and facilities, with figures showing a 15 per cent higher hospital death rate on weekends.

A study has suggested there may be a genetic reason for children who appear to develop behavioural problems at child care centres and preschools.

The first far-reaching study into academic doping in Australia has been conducted, finding University students are increasingly looking for a chemical advantage over their classmates.

The Federal Government has announced a commitment to funding medical research, coming in at over half a billion dollars.

A new study in the US has linked shorter sleep durations and poorer quality of sleep with a biomarker for Alzheimer’s disease.

Governments in Asia continue to use asbestos as a building material, putting generations of lives at risk with virtually no regulation.

WorkSafe ACT is conducting a sweep of cafes and restaurants across the Territory, looking specifically for risks and hazards that could befall employees.

A new report has shown a deeper level of mutual benefit between humans and the billions of bugs that live in our gut.

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