A new report has found just how overworked Australians are, and what a threat it can be to mental and physical health and safety.

A new treatment method is being investigated which could alert people to their binge-eating ways.

Western Australia’s Auditor General says the state’s Health Department is losing revenue from private patients that it should be making, and has been warned about before.

A massive effort to move hundreds of patients is complete, marking the official opening of the new Gold Coast University Hospital this week.

A hospital-grade lightweight blood flow imager has been cobbled together for around a hundred dollars by some US scientists, and they say it works perfectly.

The Fred Hollows Foundation has continued its incredible work restoring sight to the blind, focussed this time on Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory.

Nurses at the Dubbo Hospital say they have been pushed to the brink by low staffing levels, and are threatening to close beds in the mergency deprtment in protests this afternoon.

Surgeons in Adelaide have pulled off a nationwide-first – attaching a miniature heart monitor to wirelessly diagnose and manage irregular beats.

A new study published this week reveals the work of an international team of scientists, who combed records to find 48 new possible causes of multiple sclerosis and markers for several similar conditions.

Everybody wants their own particle accelerator, but colliding hadrons in the comfort of the living room has been impossible for most – until now.

A recent study has shown how easily the brain can be fooled, and pass misinformation to the rest of the body.

South Australian ambulance officers will experience an Australian-first in safety management.

A bill which would have set a compensation standard for fire-fighters with specific cancers has been extinguished in the Victorian Senate.

Researchers at north Queensland universities have reportedly been fending off waves of interest in their new robot arm for stroke suffers.

The Australian Government will keep its generic cigarette packaging and large health warnings, despite a new challenge to the policy from Indonesia.

The average brain contains about 100 billion neurons, each with one to ten thousand synapses each. A technique has been tested which allows scientists to view the electrical activity of just one synapse at a time amid a torrent of trillions.

A new law is being considered in New South Wales which could change the state of reproductive rights based largely on outcry from a recent event.

New statistics from the ABS suggest that Australia’s ageing population will become a big factor in future approaches to work.

Many people may feel that their imagination has diminished since they left the schoolyard and entered the workplace, but new research has found the imagination is still there – manipulating thoughts and memories within its own ‘mental workspace’.

The structure of a new material created at the University of Sydney manages to mimic the petals of a rose on a nano-scale – capturing beads of water and other liquids across its skin.

A groundwater monitoring group wants to take a real assay of bore water levels and pressure near coal seam gas operations – calling for 1000 landholders to take part.

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