South Australian businesses operating commercial solariums will be the only ones not compensated by the state government when the ban on sun beds takes place.

A new technique is being developed that would allow human cells to be turned back into stem cells, and grown into virtually any body part.

The Cancer Council says more should be done to reduce smoking rates in Australia’s most addicted state.

A new type of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan can take a fresh look at the whole body, to help plot the spread of cancer among other duties.

Modern science has found a tiny culprit in an ancient mystery – shedding light on what killed around half the population of Europe, twice.

Australian researchers have created an online test to check for Alzheimer’s disease in just ten minutes.

Parents play the major role in the future health of their children, but new research shows even the exact moment of conception can influence a kid's fate.

Some groundbreaking science may spell the end for a damning condition which has plagued men for generations – baldness.

Some microscopic engineering may make the magic bullet for deadly viruses and bacteria, with Queensland researchers hoping to use oil as a cure.

Some health authorities have begun to speak out about the possible damage of too much ‘screen time’ for children.

Changes are on the way in the Queensland health system, with a plan that would see private hospitals taking on surgeries that public sites do not have time for.

The Federal Government has released details some have been waiting to see since before the election – the Paid Parental Leave Scheme spruiked heavily by Tony Abbott and the Coalition.

The decline of honeybee populations around the world is a cause for great concern, and researchers have just discovered another possible reason the vital bugs are dropping like flies.

Research has suggested there may be a fun new way to fight against one of the world’s leading causes of death.

Studies have shown there is a genetic basis for physical aggression in toddlers, but it does not mean a person will remain aggressive forever.

A biomedical engineer from the University of Queensland has taken his invention to the birthplace of its ancestors.

Calls have been made to compensate South Australian volunteer fire-fighters for work-related cancers, with  new reports saying it would cost less than first thought.

Close to 700 million people are infected with a single blood-sucking worm, but now researchers have probed its DNA for ways to fight back.

A contact lens to help manage diabetes is the latest next-level device to leak from Google’s technology labs.

Researchers have picked apart the mechanisms behind calcium-triggered heart arrhythmias, hoping soon to development new medications to fight their deadly occurrence.

A recent simulation in Japan shows both how far modern computer processing has come, and just how good the supercomputer in our skulls really is.

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