Economists have called for health insurance to become mandatory, as part of the greatest health care overhaul since the introduction of Medicare.

Many spend hours in the gym each week filling up on protein supplements in the quest for a ripped physique, but all that hard work and money spent on sweet tasting powder could be in vain.

Research has revealed a significant drop in the number of new teenage smokers, with the reduction attributed to plain packaging laws.

A new review says closing the gap for Indigenous eye health is very much a possibility.

Experts are urging China to curb its use of antibiotics in animals to avoid a ‘major health catastrophe’ for humans.

Two pharmaceutical giants are considering a merger that would create the world’s biggest drug company.

An international research project says the introduction of agriculture may have changed the DNA of ancient humans.

The Senate has passed a bill that would remove all children from onshore immigration detention.

When it comes to drawing blood, most patients would want to lose as little as possible, but a new study suggests one drop may not be enough.

Some of the most popular painkillers in Australia will soon carry new warning labels to make it clear they can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

While there seems to be millions of ‘miracle’ treatments for stretch marks on the market, experts are only just finding out what the marks actually are.

An important research project has found what young women thought after they saw the film “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

Over a thousand ACT public service jobs will be moved to Woden town centre, the state government has announced.

The Mayor of Gloucester has called on the NSW Government to buy back AGL’s coal seam gas (CSG) licence for the area, saying he cannot ignore the negative impact on residents.

A new study says drinking two or more cups of coffee a day may have significant health benefits.

There are big job cuts on the way in Western Australia's health system as federal funding dries up.

A new study has looked at just how much of our useful, natural microbes are destroyed by antibiotics.

Australian scientists have genetically-engineered algae for a promising new a cancer treatment.

Over $600 million has been dropped on Australia’s world-leading researchers in the latest round of National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) grants.

Australia’s disability support systems need to help people with disability to have active sex lives, and a new Victorian project could be the first step.

A successful trial of new farming techniques on Christmas Island could see it become Australia’s cannabis capital.

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