Compulsory uniforms at Perth's Fiona Stanley Hospital have created problems for almost everyone that wears them, according to the Health Services Union (HSU).

British bio-engineers are embarking on a project to create custom blood.

The Tasmanian Government is preparing for a hard sell of its new health reforms.

Australian researchers have played a key role in the discovery of a way to control the stem cell behaviour responsible for the spread of bowel cancer.

The Western Australian Opposition has called for an official investigation into claims that contractors on the new $1.2 billion Perth Children's Hospital have not been paid.

Health experts say the gap in eye health between Indigenous and other Australians is closing, but much more needs to be done.

Swedish scientists have built a neuron using organic bioelectronics.

Recent studies have found that human are probably not the only self-aware animals.

There are strong signs that the Federal Government will soon commit to the controversial 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership, despite concerns it could be signing away its freedom.

Research has revealed physical differences in the brains of people who respond emotionally to others’ feelings, compared to those who respond more rationally.

Australian researchers want to ease the burden of back pain with their new invention – the smart chair.

Paramedics across Australia say violent, paranoid and unpredictable ice users are creating a new level of danger at work.

Figures from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare show that while more people are doing bowel cancer screening, most still throw away the kit when it arrives in the mail.

The South Australian Opposition says the Government’s hospital reforms will see hundreds of frontline jobs cut.

The Federal Government will not extend a funding agreement with states and territories that funds care for women with perinatal depression.

North Korea claims it has developed a vaccine for MERS, Ebola, AIDS, tuberculosis, cancer, morning sickness and a range of other diseases.

Health analysts say Tasmanian Government staffing numbers have not risen to meet the workload.

A major rural employer has partnered with the Black Dog Institute to bring better mental health services to remote parts of WA.

A new study has plotted the ways the people reinforce and expand their opinions, by surrounding themselves with sources that agree.

Safe Work Australia says up to 5,000 cancer diagnoses each year could be the result of occupational exposure to carcinogens.

An Italian surgeon has made a bold pitch for funding and assistance for the world’s first human head transplant.

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