The AMA says Federal funding cuts are making it harder for hospitals to meet growing patient demand and to reach significant performance goals.

An Australian researcher says disabled students are being misdiagnosed for school funding purposes.

The Health Minister has asked private health insurers for information on possible premium increases for 2016, in an attempt to ensure consumers get the best deal.

An innovative, Australian-designed, light-weight splint to immobilise broken limbs will soon be available nationwide.

The Local Government Association of the Northern Territory‘s president is outraged that NT has been left out of federal funding.

A leading Australian doctor says he will risk his license to keep speaking out about “torture conditions” in offshore detention.

An ambulance bus that can carry up to 12 patients at once has been slammed by South Australia's Opposition.

Australia has issued new travel advice as the mosquito-borne Zika virus spreads across the Americas.

Soon it will be common to harvest cells from the body and turn them into tissues needed to treat disease.

Experts have updated their assumptions of the brain’s memory capacity.

Australian researchers say the smell of change is in the air, with a new treatment for the pain of childbirth.

Scientific advances underpin $330 billion of Australia’s annual economic output, the Chief Scientist says.

A union rally has urged Victoria’s Premier Daniel Andrews to stay true to his word.

The Northern Territory has announced a vital health service funding boost worth $149 million.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) is still up in the air, and has been a major topic during Prime Minister Malclm Turnbull’s trip to the US.

Plans to introduce fluoridate to water supplies in north West Australia have led to a backlash from residents.

Researchers say they have found a brain marker for autism that can be detected by MRI and is present as from the age of two.

Local experts have helped find a way to increase the resolution of MRI scanners, while making the procedure quicker and safer for the patient at the same time.

Using smaller plates could help Australia battle its bulging waistline.

Unions are keeping up their campaign to warn coal miners and their employers about ‘black lung’.

A study from South Australia has shown how important it is for senior citizens to be enfranchised by public transport.

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