Victoria has put up $500 million for 450 new paramedics and a raft of other improvements.

The world’s first dengue fever vaccine is now available.

The millions of microbes we all carry can change the way our DNA works.

A new diabetes twin study has shed light on the environmental factors behind the condition.

Going to sleep in a huff after a late night argument lets the anger seep deeper, researchers say.

Trials of a much-anticipated new Alzheimer’s drug have failed.

Doctors say money paid for patients who leave the ER could be better spent elsewhere.

Dealing with mental health at work could save the economy billions.

A new study suggests Australia could be much more into drugs than it appears.

ALGA has released a new guide to help councils meet their obligations under the National Disability Strategy.

US president-elect Donald Trump has issued his strongest warning yet about TPP global trade deal.

Fluoride will be an election issue in the upcoming WA poll.

The NT Labor Government has scrapped open speed roads, imposing a 130km/hr limit in the name of safety.

Australian manufacturers are removing dangerous substance from their antibacterial soaps.

Concerns have been raised about the high rate of forced ECT and low legal representation of mental health patients.

Funding has been lined up for the rollout of world’s first malaria vaccine.

Nurses are the most likely health professionals to die from deliberate overdose.

Former presidents and world leaders are calling for drugs to be decriminalised.

Craving chips with gravy? Researchers say they know why.

A new implant has allowed paralysed monkeys to walk again.

Researchers have discovered details of how asbestos-related tumours grow.

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