Kathy Jackson has been hit with 70 charges of theft and deception-related offences.

New bulk billing figures prove the ‘Mediscare’ campaign had no basis...

NSW Health has issued its report on disturbing gas mix ups at a Sydney hospital.

Biomedical engineers say the world needs a better standard for sunglasses.

The largest ever sleep apnoea study has found that CPAP treatments can significantly improve quality of life and mood.

As work on Adelaide’s new hospital continues to lag, maintenance at the old Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) is not keeping up.

The Queensland Government will launch a parliamentary review into the resurgence of black lung, or coal worker’s pneumoconiosis (CWP).

Humans appear to have slowed down the rate at which they are destroying the planet.

Doctors say ‘bagpipe lung’ is a very real risk for players of wind instruments.

Scientists in New South Wales are trying to feed people algae ...

Swedish researchers are challenging the idea of ‘healthy obesity’.

The high price of pacemakers and ­replacement joints may have driven up Australia’s health insurance premiums.

Shonky doctors could be forced to face a panel of their peers.

A new study has looked at just how genetically different we all are.

The illegal Manus Island regional processing centre will be closed down, at some point.

A mass gastro outbreak in New Zealand has been blamed on contaminated water.

Bio-engineers are using bacteria controlled by magnets to deliver drugs.

A huge list of personal Medicare claims has been posted online, on purpose.

Most women are ignoring classic pregnancy supplements, researchers say.

New listings on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) could save diabetics thousands of dollars a year.

The people who deal with hideous scenes of road trauma are fighting a move to unlimited speed zones.

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